Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I join the ATENA Licensing Program?
Aspiring to be a distinctive global brand, ATENA has successfully established a strong reputation and proven track record in a relatively short time. With the focus on providing innovative and full range of quality door system solutions, and excellent after-sales support, ATENA has successfully completed major projects around the world – Singapore: St Regis, The Sail, City Lights, SMRT Stations; Malaysia: Maybank, Putra Jaya, Philippines, UK. In tandem with Singapore reputed hallmark of daring to dream, the ATENA brand too has set lofty heights to be the ‘Pride of Every Door’ – a brand promise that epitomizes the essence of ATENA commitment to customers globally.

With a proven business model and flexible distributorship, ATENA provides you with a great opportunity to start your own business at a lower risk –  low investment, simple operations, strong marketing support, efficient production and inventory support, a practical training program, and on-going learning and innovations for our distributor and their employees.

2. How much does it cost to open an ATENA Licence?
a) For Exclusive Distributorship Licence (Authorized Distributor)
The minimum paid-up capital of the company is suggested to be SGD100,000 for each product distribution licence. This is subjected to variables such as the business registration costs, licenses, insurances, staffing, etc.

For the country Licensee, the minimum paid-up capital should be about SGD500,000, subjected to the number of product distribution licence units.

Licensees are also required to make an initial inventory purchase worth SGD$50,000.

b) For Exclusive/Non Exclusive Distributorship Licence (Agent)
The licensee must have a legitimate company set-up with an official registration and a minimum paid-up capital of SGD50,000 for each product distribution licence.

The licensee should preferably possess at least 3 years of work experience in the door hardware or building materials industry.

Licensees are also required to make an initial inventory purchase worth SGD$20,000.
The licensee needs to have a strong specifying and sale team and good network contact with architects, consultants and contractors.

3. How much are the royalty and marketing fees?
a) For Exclusive Distributorship Licence (Authorized Distributor)
There is No Royalty Fee here. The Licensee is also expected to set aside an amount equivalent to 1% of Total Sales per quarter for marketing and promotion purposes.

b) For Exclusive/Non Exclusive Distributorship Licence (Agent)
There is No Royalty and Marketing Fee here.

4. How much money will I make?
The main factors that determine profitability include:

  1. How well the product distribution licence is run
  2. The location of the product distribution licence
  3. Active and close involvement by the distributor

While we can provide you with some advices for running an ATENA distributorship and assist you with the training of the Management and staff, it is difficult to predict your potential profits. To minimize any possible misunderstandings, ATENA upholds a policy that no employee or other appointed distributor of ours can provide you with projections of potential sales, earnings and/or profitability.

5. Will I receive support?
Absolutely! ATENA’s well-structured Product and Technical Training Programs will equip you with the necessary skill set required for running an ATENA’s distributorship efficiently. Support and technical advice will be given to the licensee. The licensor will conduct regular visits with the licensee specifying and sales team.

We will show our presence in product launching and exhibitions, and provide marketing support.

If you are interested to become an ATENA licensee, please click here to complete our preliminary online form.

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