Company profile

The Pride Of Every Door

ATENA has become The Pride of Every Door since its entry into the market of door control systems. The brand offers a value proposition that is synonymous with the Brand New Singapore attributes for a country that is ‘Actively Collaborating’, ‘Transforming’, ‘Nurturing’, and known for its ‘Daring to Dream’.

In today competitive arena, Superior Quality Workmanship, Innovative Designs and Excellent After Sales Support at competitive prices for door closers provide more ‘Bangs for the Bucks’, and the ATENA Brand is equaled to the paramount task of providing those benefits to meet and transform the door control system needs of tomorrow.

Actively Collaborating

Working closely with customers to understand users’ requirements, the diverse team of professionals from the construction and engineering fields in ATENA have successfully synergized best practices from the different aspects of Technical Sciences and Management know-how to design and produce Superior Quality Door Closers and Solutions Systems. The ATENA 383 Concealed Door Closer were efficiently installed on the projects e.g. Citylights, Savannah Condo Park, Sail@Marina Bay, St Regis Residences and Tampines MRT.

Innovations knock on the door of ATENA every single day, and open up the floodgate of cutting edge door systems solutions for all areas of residential and commercial buildings and interiors. These ranges from door control to integrated intelligent systems encompassing user-friendliness in design concept, increased efficiency in functionality, and ease of opening. Advanced technology and in-depth expertise accumulated through years of experience, allows ATENA to transform designs for both living and working environments.

The latest frontier is the development of slimmer and automated versions of door closers – revolutionary designs that ATENA anticipate will continue well into the future. Together with optimal production capability, we are able to provide customers with innovative solutions at competitive prices, delivering a high return on investments.


Customer Satisfaction is a Top Priority and that is why ATENA has always taken a paramount stand on achieving a high degree of quality distinction and service excellence. We, in ATENA understands the need for prompt response to customers’ needs, concerns and enquiries.

We have a service oriented team of people in ATENA Care who are truly responsive and reliable in providing customer service, technical support, trouble-shooting, etc. We take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering the best service possible.

Daring To Dream

Aspiring to be a distinctive global brand, ATENA has successfully established a strong reputation and proven track record in a relatively short time. With the focus on providing innovative and superior quality door system solutions, and excellent after-sales support, ATENA has successfully completed major projects around the world. In tandem with Singapore reputed hallmark of daring to dream, the ATENA brand too has set lofty heights to be the ‘Pride of Every Door’ – a brand promise that epitomizes the essence of ATENA commitment to customers globally.