Product Distribution Licence

The ATENA® Brand is a registered trademark name of ATENA INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, a Singapore International Company that offers a value proposition that is synonymous with the Nation Brand attributes – ‘Actively Collaborating’, ‘Transforming’, Nurturing’, and known for its ‘Daring to Dream. Since its entry into the door control systems market, the ATENA brand has become the Pride of Every Door with its Superior Quality Workmanship, Innovative Designs and Excellent After-Sales Support at Competitive Prices.

We are actively seeking business partners to grow and expand for mutually beneficial purposes, either in the form of exclusive or non-exclusive distributorships depending on your preferred mode of operations and budget for running your own business. ATENA has distinguishes itself from the other players in the door controls industry in the following ways:-

  • Distinctively elegant logo design
  • Contemporary European influenced Product Packaging,
  • Superior Quality Workmanship
  • Innovative Product Designs
  • Responsive and Reliable workforce.

ATENA blends years of experience in the design, sales and marketing of door closers, combined with an efficient production and inventory management system. It’s a winning receipt for success that is built on a foundation of training, support and a commitment to the profitability of your product distribution licence.

Licence Concept Summary:

Innovations knock on the door of ATENA every single day, and open up the floodgate of cutting edge door systems solutions for all areas of residential and commercial buildings and interiors. These ranges from door control to integrated intelligent systems encompassing user-friendliness in design concept, increased efficiency in functionality, and ease of opening. Advanced technology and in-depth expertise accumulated through years of experience, allows ATENA to transform designs for both living and working environments.

  • Diverse team of professionals from the construction and engineering fields in ATENA have successfully synergized best practices from the different aspects of Technical Sciences and Management know-how to design and build Superior Quality Door Closers and Solutions Systems;
  • Well Structured Product and Technical Training Programs;
  • Door Closers that are in support of global fire safety and security standards with globally recognized certification – Warrington, TUV, etc.;
  • Excellent After-Sales Support, we underscore the commitment for increased efficiency and quality assurance, and guarantee a good fit for every door; and

Energetic, Creative and Innovative Culture that embraces teamwork, life-long learning and advancements.

If you are interested to become an ATENA licensee, please click here to understand the application process.

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